Specialized IV Infusions

Based on the patients goals, needs, and interpretation of evaluation, we will recommend either a series or a single application of one of our signature Intravenous Infusions.  Infusions are generally administered on a specific day of the week when they are specialty prescribed formulas that are compounded specifically for the patient.  Using the highest standards of purity and safety, all prescribed formulas have a 3 day Best Use Date.  We also carry a small inventory of the most common formulas such as the Immune and overall Performance which are available for our walk in patients after a brief consultation and vitals screen with our staff.

Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

After a physical and complete blood work, Dr. Cuelli, will discuss the viable options with you and together determine which one will fit your lifestyle best.  You will then come back at your 90 initial period to re check all blood work to ensure that you are functioning at your  optimal levels.  

Fat Loss IM Injections

When exercise, a clean diet, and over the counter supplements are not giving you the expected results, we can help you with our Intramuscular injections of our specific blend of Amino Acids and Vitamins which have been scientifically proven to assist in burning unwanted fat in a natural way. 

Pharmaceutical Prescription Supplements

It is a well published fact that most orally consumed supplements are not absorbed in their entirety.  Actually, many studies indicate that only 10%-15% of the actual dose is absorbed.  While 10%-15% is way better than nothing, we can assist in ensuring the highest absorption rate with the highest purity and quality when your supplement comes straight from the pharmacy with a prescription as opposed to the general product that sits on a shelf and made in mass quantity.  For a view of our supplement site click HERE  

Once you come in and we determine which supplements you really need, we will give you a prescription so you can enter our pharmaceutical site and shop for your prescribed supplements.  

Energy and Detoxyfying IM Injections

Lacking Energy?  B Vitamins and Glutathione, which our bodies naturally produce from the digestion of foods, diminish significantly as we age.  These vitamins and Amino Acid play a huge role in the energy production cycle and cellular detox.  Depending on your evaluations outcome, we may recommend a series or a single weekly shot of this cocktail. 

General Bloodwork

Looking for just a general check up?  No problem.  Just schedule your appointment today and we will get you going.  Once your results come in, you will have a consultation with Dr Cuelli to go over your results.  If needed, a treatment plan will be advised.