Why We Age

We age for many reasons, many still unknown.  In tackling what we now know we can do something about are Hormone Deficiency's, Free Radical Damage, and Cellular Nutrient Deficiency. 

Lets start with Hormones.  Hormones are chemicals that our body naturally produces. They are chemical messengers that deliver constant signals and commands to the billions of cells that make up the organisms that make up the organs, that as a whole form our human body.  Without the proper signals and commands, our cells don't know what to do, how to do it, or when to do it.  As a result, a cell that is no longer functioning at peak performance.  

Free radical damage is another leading cause of the reasons we age.  Our bodies form Free Radicals from both essential metabolic processes or from external sources from the environment, chemicals, radiation, and pollutants.   Exercise, in extreme amounts without the proper nutrition or can also lead to increased free radical accumulation in the body.   Scientists now believe that free radicals increase cell deterioration which in turn accelerates the aging of cells leading to a conglomerate of metabolic issues leading to disease and premature cell death.  Remember, cells make up the organisms that as a whole make the body.  A cell dies, part of that organism dies.  We externally reflect that as not feeling at our best anymore, gaining weight, being tired, loss of lean body mass, aches, pains, droopy skin, etc.  

Cellular Nutrient Deficiency is Free Radicals' Best Friend.  When a cell is not structurally prepared to defend and repair itself as a result of attacks from free radicals the cell will slowly start to die.  Today, science has identified key factors in Cellular Nutrition that can be key in preventing and reversing cellular toxicity and death.